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by Arthur Miller

Direction: Shelley Delaney

Scenery: Brad Caleb Lee

Costume: Tyler Holland

Lighting: Madi Priskorn

Sound: John Salutz

Properties: Sarah Shipp

Stage Manager: Jess Shake

Technical Director: John Gedeon, Jr. 

Production Photos: John Gedeon, Jr. 



"The most stunning production of this masterpiece I have yet seen..."

- Alan Rust, Director of Theatre

The Hart School (University of Hartford)


"I love it. It is fabulous. Without creating a specific location, the set is perfect representation of the world of the play. Amazing!""

- Shelley Delaney, Head of Acting

The Ohio University


"Scenic designer Brad Caleb Lee deserves kudos for his innovative set...The Crucible will hit you like an icy ocean wave, and stay with you long after the tide has ebbed, which is indicative of its immense, inescapable impact that will no doubt spark some intriguing conversations."

-Kathleen Szmit, The Barnstable Patriot



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