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by Anthony Neilson

Studio Theatre Design Project for the Weston Studion at WMC at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.


Through "Edward Gant" the consumate performer along with is troupe of figures with sordid pasts presents to the audince three tales - one of heartbreak, one of memories, and one of forgetting - all three "Tales of Loneliness." These stories take audiences on a wild ride from London to Rome to India to Imaginary Lands and through them hold a mirror of self reflection and challenges the audience to travel within themselves and examine what is real and what is not. 


This design calls for in-the-round staging, with the audience seated in a single row on benches evocative of fairground rides and seating banks. The small round stage (as called for in the opening monologue) lowers into the center of the ring and the adventure begins. 












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