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programs coordinator [curatorial producer]

Organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and realized by the Arts and Theatre Institute, The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is the largest international exhibition and festival event dedicated to scenography, performance design and theatre architecture.  PQ offers an international platform – through major exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses, performance festivals, and informal exchanges – for performance creators to gather and share their work and experience while gaining a global perspective of the state of theatre. Such global exchanges encourage us to find universal themes and commonality while celebrating diverse artistic voices. 

Reporting directly Artistic Director Markéta Fantová, Brad joined the PQ team in 2017 as the Programs Coordinator. In this producing role, Brad had wide ranging responsibility for facilitating the curation and organization of the festival program in support of an international team of curators, delivering Fantova's pre-established vision for the various programming strands.  In addition to the staple exhibition of Countries & Regions and the national Student Exhibitions, the PQ program included (among other projects)

  • Site Specific Performance Festival curated by Sophie Jump

  • Formations (a project exploring movement in urban space with contributions form dance, performance art, scenography, and architecture), curated by D. Chase Angier and Serge von Arx

  • Fragments (an exhibition of design artifacts from living-legends of performance design), curated by Klára Zieglerová

  • PQ Studio, curated by Patrick Du Wors

    • Workshops & Masterclasses

    • Performance Festival of work by emerging artists

    • Common Design Project : Ubu Roi

  • Performance Space Architecture Exhibition

  • PQ Talks (symposium and presentations by leading industry figures and researchers), curated by Barabora Příhodová & Pavel Drábek

  • 36Q° (a multimedia technology and design driven installation experience), curated by Marketa Fantova and Jan K. Rolník

  • PQ Internship and Volunteer Program, project led by Sean Crowley

  • EMERGENCE From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/Reframing Memory.

In this role, Brad

  • was responsible for the scheduling of all events at the festival, creating the schedule concept to enable a navigable audience  experience

  • developed partnerships with a a global portfolio of industry partners to support programming

  • served the main point of contact for program curators, jury members, and keynote speakers

  • ghost wrote official texts on behalf of the artistic director

  • co-authored a successful Creative Europe Programme Large Co-operation Grant (750k)

  • officially represent PQ at events and in correspondence

  • authored, delivered, and accessed post-event surveys to provide valuable planning information

  • administered the PQ Ambassador Program


The PQ program included over 1000 events in 10 days from 72 countries, which, with only a few exceptions, were all curated by the international team through a series of open calls. Working directly with a team of international curators, Brad

  • organized the logistics of all open calls

  • formatted calls for dissemination

  • received and processed all applications (approx 18,000)

  • accessed technical/logistics of all shortlisted pieces

  • main point of contact for all applications and selected artists

  • liaised between curators, selected projects, and internal production team

  • created technical drawings and site surveys/documentation materials as needed 

  • generated and distributed official letters of invitation for selected projects

  • used the overarching knowledge of resources and needs to creatively problem solve meeting as many needs as possible

  • consulted on budgets and allocations of resources

  • negotiated  contracts with national curators, arts organizations, and museums as needed

  • orchestrated and organized program material (project descriptions, promotional images, partner information) for all program participants

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